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8/31/2016 - Congratulations ZelTech!
The City of Newport News recognized Zel Technologies for their superb involvement with the City's Summer Training and Enrichment Program (STEP). This program provides employment opportunities for at-risk young people from the city's Southeast Community, and surrounding area. This 10-week program serves people between ages 16 and 24, exposing them to different career options and offer enrichment, as well as a resume-builder. Zel Technologies was also targeted for an interview with the CEO highlighting the importance of exposing young people to a corporate setting, who otherwise would not have an opportunity to do so at this stage of their journey. Why is it important - and in fact, imperative - for businesses and their owners to give back to their communities: It gives ZelTech a chance to connect with- and impact - the community. No business exists in a vacuum We're all located in and surrounded by communities, and all of them could use a little extra support.. Being a powerful community presence will tell the people in the community a great deal about the investment and character of - and will likely even mean a business boost. Check out the Video at the Link provided. STEP is good business - and STEP is good for business.  Click here to see the video 
8/30/2016 - Congratulations to Charlyn Henderson
Congratulations to Charlyn Henderson

As recently mentioned, Charly has been awesome regarding her IA support duties since I've been in the managers seat. She's contributed to the command having "zero" overdue IA tasks which is quite an impressive feat as you know.

-Contributed to the execution of over 1500 cyber orders in the last 8 months -Contributed to command's 96% increase in cyber readiness by swiftly completing 50 late cyber tasks (due to 4 month IAO manager position vacancy) -Took charge regarding DISA PPSM (Ports, Protocols, & Services Management) project; critical role regarding the registration of 8 core services--ensured the commands no-notice deployment mission remained unabated -High administrative aptitude & extreme attention the detail skill sets resulted in the successful planning and execution of 3 network ASI's (Authorized Service Interruptions)

MSgt Ariesus Preston
Information System Security Officer
Communications Directorate (J6)

8/26/2016 - 2016 - 2017 FLU Shot Program
2016-2017 Flu Shot Program Now Underway 

UnitedHealthcare has assembled a broad-based approach to providing flu shot access for its members during the 2016-2017 flu season. Each vendor has been carefully selected based on coverage, service commitment and the ability to serve a variety of customer needs. 

Preventive services, including immunizations, are provided under our fully insured UnitedHealthcare Certificate of Coverage (COC). 

Members may also obtain flu shots through their health care provider's office.
2016-2017 Contracted Flu Shot Providers 

Access to flu shots is available through a variety of providers offering a range of convenient options. UnitedHealthcare members may present their health plan ID cards to receive flu shots on a walk-in basis from the national flu shot providers listed below. No appointment is necessary. 

8/26/2016 - September Edition of LegalWise
8/24/2016 - Corporate Benefits Update
To All ZelTech Employees,

My thanks to those who responded to our corporate benefits survey recently. I read your responses with interest, and they will be foremost in our minds as we look to improve our benefits packages for the coming calendar year.

Health insurance plans and options are clearly the major priority for most employees and their families. I am aware that a number of you are dissatisfied with United Health Care (UHC) coverage and pharmacy benefits. If you let HR know of your specific issues and concerns, we will work with our UHC representative to try to get you a satisfactory resolution. We have been successful in some instances and we have lost a few battles, but we will do whatever we can to assist. Looking toward the future, we will aggressively look at all options available to us to provide you the best possible medical insurance coverage and choices at reasonable prices in 2017 and beyond.

We plan to make improvements in other areas, including more flexible working arrangements, holidays and leave adjustments, education assistance and fitness programs. More details will be forthcoming in these areas.

HR is working to expand its communications with you on all benefits issues. They will continue to post information on the Portal, Employee Benefits site, Employee Navigator website. Employee Navigator, UHC, and 401(k) (Fidelity) have apps that can be downloaded to your mobile devices. We will also send out emails as appropriate. Stay tuned for more details on an enhanced HR Outreach Program over the next few months, which is designed the make us more aware of your priorities and concerns and to keep you apprised of the options available to us and the criteria we will use to make our benefits choices. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

I intend to personally play a more active role in this dialog and I will reach out to you again as we move forward. You are the heart and soul of ZelTech, and we are committed to providing you and your families the best benefits possible.


8/18/2016 - August National Health Observance: Immunizations
August is Immunization Month. An immunization (vaccination) can lower your chance of getting certain diseases. Vaccines work with the body’s natural defenses to safely develop immunity to disease. Click here for the most current CDC chart detailing the adult immunization schedule. 

The August edition of Wellness Online includes:
• Best way to fight the Flu? Get the Vaccine!
• Immunizations – General Overview
• A closer look at Immunizations for children 

The United at Work Podcast of the Month is Understanding Preventive Care This podcast educates you about regular check-ups and recommended screenings for you and your family members.
Check out the Understanding Preventive Care Quiz and Quiz Answers that accompany this months’ podcast.

8/11/2016 - H S A CENTER: All about Health Savings Accounts
An H S A provides ways to save on health insurance, control health care spending, and reduce taxes. 

If you are a participant in the high deductible health plan you will need to open a health savings account. This resource can help you become better informed. Read, listen and learn more about H S A’s .

August is Immunization Awareness Month.  Get your seasonal flu shot
8/3/2016 - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Reliance Standard has selected ACI Specialty Benefits, based in San Diego, CA as our new EAP partner, replacing Health Management Systems of America (HMSA), effective August 1, 2016. Some of the plans enhancements are: 

• All family members of covered employees are eligible to participate, regardless of location/relationship 

• Services may be accessed and delivered through a variety of channels: online, mobile app, Instant Message, Text, Chat, Email and Video Chat. 

• Unlimited referrals to Work-Life and concierge services including child care, pet care, elder care, career coaching, education/financial aid, etc. 

• Unlimited resource/referral services tailored to veterans are included 

The new phone number: Toll-Free 855-RSL-HELP (855-775-4357)
The new website: http://rsli.acieap.com

8/2/2016 - Legal Wise August 2016 Newsletter
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