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8/31/2015 - Wells Fargo Email
Occasionally, Wells Fargo clients have received a suspicious email from “Wells Fargo” asking for account or user ID information.  Wells Fargo will never send an email with a hyperlink asking for updated information.  On the chance you receive any such emails, please do not click on any links.

Please see the attached Email Phishing FAQ for information on what to look for and action to be taken.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact HR.

8/24/2015 - LegalWise Newsletter - September 2015

LegalWise Newsletter September 2015

8/24/2015 - Market Update: Recent Volatility
With the recent fluctuation in the stock market, you may be wondering about the impact on your retirement plan investments.  Wells Fargo has published a communication video titled Staying Calm When the Markets Aren't -- http://retirementvideos.wf.com/mktvolatility

For additional information the Wells Fargo Investment Group has provided a Market Update on the Recent Volatility.

As always, representatives in the Retirement Service Center are available to answer your questions, and if calls are longer than normal  Wells Fargo will post broadcast messages on the Voice Response System.
8/18/2015 - 90 Day Performance Assessment Reviews
Effective immediately and until further notice, we will be using the Introductory Performance Assessment Checklist  for new employee 90 day assessment reviews.  This form will be posted on the portal in the Forms Section. A copy of the form, along with a reminder of assessments due, will be forwarded to the supervisor via email by Dot Duncan with the due date and a suspense date.  All completed forms can be forwarded via email to HR (Dot) for filing.  Goals established and agreed to by the employee and supervisor should be maintained for evaluation during  the annual appraisal.  This form is for 90 Day Assessments ONLY.  If there is an instance when a review needs to be extended, contact HR for the Performance Improvement Plan.  Return all completed forms to HR (Dot).  Typed signatures are acceptable on this form.

Contact HR (Dot or Shirley) if you have questions. 
8/14/2015 - Anthem News: OTC Nexium prompts drug formulary changes
NEXIUM® 24HR (esomeprazole 20 mg) became available as an over-the-counter (OTC) 14-day treatment for frequent heartburn in May 2014. As a result, Anthem's drug formulary (list of covered drugs) will change, effective October 1, 2015, as follows: 

Nexium 40 mg moves from Tier 2 to Tier 3 and has been added to the Clinically Equivalent Medications program
Esomeprazole 40 mg moves from Tier 2 to Tier 3
Lansoprazole moves from Tier 1 to Tier 3 

How members will be notified
Members impacted by these changes will be notified of the formulary changes by mail in late August. Around the same time, a separate mailing also will go to members who are currently taking one of several other proton pump inhibitors (PPIs ) by prescription. 

$9 Nexium coupon included in both mailings 
To help encourage members to use the Nexium 24-hour OTC version, instead of by prescription, Anthem will include a $9 coupon with the letters toward one, 42-count retail purchase of the drug. The OTC drug offers a more convenient, affordable alternative to prescription heartburn medicine.

8/12/2015 - BER (And Other Reimbursements) - Receipts
In a recent audit, it was discovered that the text on many receipts, submitted with reimbursement requests, was fading due to the placement of tape affixing the receipts to paperwork. If you use tape to affix your receipts to paperwork, please make sure that the tape is not covering any text.
8/10/2015 - ZelTech Awarded $3M Contract by HQ AFSOC
On 31 Jul 2015, Zel Technologies, LLC (ZelTech) was awarded a $3M contract by HQ AFSOC to provide analysis, research, training, operational and airspace integration support to implement and sustain the required USSOCOM Lead Component responsibilities for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) integration and USAF Lead Command (including the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves) responsibilities for small UAS (SUAS) programs. ZelTech's teammate for this five year effort is MacAulay-Brown, Inc.
8/5/2015 - VA Launches New No-Cost Training Programs
The Department of Veterans Affairs today launched two new no-cost training programs, Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) and VA Learning Hubs, to help transitioning Service members and Veterans from all eras learn skills, earn credentials, and advance in civilian careers following separation from service. Click here to read press release.
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