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9/30/2015 - Upcoming Wells Fargo 401K Live Webinars
Please see below for upcoming Wells Fargo 401K live webinars. All webinars will be posted on the participant website for registration. If you have provided e-preferences or are linked to Wells Fargo’s social media site you will automatically get an alert to the upcoming webinars.

Live virtual event: Retirement considerations for pre-retirees - October 27
• A multi-faceted virtual event that focuses on retirement planning for pre-retirees
• Attendees experience will be tailored based on their interests

Live webinar: Website and mobile tools  - November 17
• Features and benefits of the Wells Fargo website
• Mobile access and available options
• How to make the most of your online account

Live webinar: Investing in your retirement plan: Beyond the basics changes - December 15
• What markets are and how they work
• How market fluctuations may impact your account
• Ways to monitor the performance of your investments
9/29/2015 - Wells Fargo - Retirement Focus Fall 2015
Wells Fargo Retirement Focus Fall 2015

9/25/2015 - Legal Resources October Newsletter
Welcome to Legal Resource’s NEW digital newsletter, featuring articles from their blog, LegalWise. 

Inside this month’s newsletter: Navigating Real Estate Interactions, Growing up –Credit Cards and Teenagers, Cooling off –When purchases don’t add up and Speaking Legal –Codicil, and much more.  Click the link to learn more. https://legalresourcesblog.wordpress.com/

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