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2/12/2016 - ACA Reporting Requirements
Form 1095-C have been mailed to employee home address.

Form 1095-C – What does this mean to me?

Beginning in 2016, employers with 50 or more employees in the preceding calendar year (2015) are required to transmit data detailing offers of health coverage and enrollment in health coverage to the IRS using Form 1095-C. Employers are also required to distribute Form 1095-C to employees no later than February 1, 2016. Additionally, employees enrolled in an insured medical plan will receive Form 1095-B from their employer or insurance carrier.

The attached flyer contain important information about Form 1095-C, it’s purpose, and what to do if you do not receive the form.

This is one of several emails you will receive from HR to educate you on the ACA reporting requirements and the importance of the 1095-C Form that is used for filing your federal tax returns.

If you have questions contact Human Resources (Shirley T or Shirley W).

2/9/2016 - February - Heart Healthy Month
Happy Heart Month! February is Heart Health Month. Here are some great UHC resources available to you:

Please see the below link for the February’s Wellness Online 

There is also a United at Work Podcast. The Healthy Heard podcast includes an overview of the functions of the heart, risk factors for developing heart disease, and warning signs of a heart attack. Also highlighted are key components of a healthy lifestyle which may help prevent heart disease. 

Also attached are the Healthy Heart Quiz and Quiz Answers that accompany this month’s podcast.

Finally attached is February’s NurseLine bulletin, which is dedicated to women’s heart health.

2/9/2016 - Heart Health Newsletters
Newsletter 1 – How to tell if it’s a heart attack and more
Newsletter 2 – 10 minutes to a healthier heart
Newsletter 3 - Heart disease and Diet: Could you use some TLC?

1/26/2016 - LegalWise Newsletter February 2016
LegalWise digital newsletter

1/26/2016 - TRICARE Supplement Plan Update
Recent Changes to TRICARE adds Value to Having a TRICARE Supplement Plan. Click here to learn more.
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