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11/24/2015 - Corporate Headquarters Office Closing
The Corporate Headquarters in Hampton will be officially closed on Friday, November 27.  If you have an emergency support issue that cannot wait until the office opens on Monday (November 30), please send an email to the following contacts:

Payroll:  coreen.brown@zeltech.com
HR:  shirley.wills@zeltech.com
MIS:  david.popkin@zeltech.com 

Happy Thanksgiving
11/23/2015 - Mobile App Available!
You can download an App for your mobile device to view your benefits information on Employee Navigator. A secure mobile app is available for iphone, ipad, and Android users that will allow you to view your elections, plan information, and related company information. 

Search:  Employee Navigator Essentials on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Enter your user id and password that you use online, and then your pin is the last 4 digits of your SSN.

 It's that easy!

11/20/2015 - 2016 Health Plan - United Health Care (UHC)
As previously stated in what’s New in 2016, we are moving to United Health Care (UHC) effective January 1, 2016. 

Under UHC we will still offer two PPO plans, QZC (replaces KeyCare PPO 25/70) and QY9 (replaces KeyCare PPO 15), an International Plan QE2-P for Hawaii only, and a High Deductible Health Plan /HSA QPU replaces (Lumenos / HSA). 

Please see the attached benefit summaries for each plan and the Prescription Drug benefit summary.
11/19/2015 - Open Enrollment for 2016 Benefits
Our benefits open enrollment period this year for election of benefits for 2016 will begin Monday, November 23rd and will end on Friday, December 4th,

We have scheduled an open enrollment webinar on Tuesday, November 24 at 11:30 am (EST).  You will receive a meeting invitation Monday, November 23 via email.

ZelTech Employee Benefit Programs continues to face the same significant challenges as all other organizations.  Americans today are living longer and are requiring more medical care.  The combination of our diverse population, annual medical inflation, and the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have an impact on our benefits program.  Over the last several months, we have considered many alternatives that would minimize our cost increases.

We encourage you to thoroughly review the UHC information brochures posted on the Portal and Employee Navigator website.  

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the open enrollment meeting.  If you have questions, please contact the HR office.  
11/18/2015 - Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA) for 2016
Plan now to use Health Flexible Spending Arrangements in 2016 

The IRS is reminding eligible employees that now is the time to begin planning to take full advantage of their employer’s health flexible spending arrangement (FSA) during 2016. 

FSA’s provide employees a way to use tax-free dollars to pay medical expenses not covered by other health plans. Interested employees wishing to contribute for the 2016 plan year will need to decide how much to contribute through payroll deductions during our annual open enrollment that will begin on 11/23/2015. 

The maximum contribution to the Health FSA is $2,250 and Dependent FSA is $5,000 for the 2016 plan year. Amounts contributed are not subject to federal income tax, Social Security tax or Medicare tax. 

Throughout the year, employees can then use funds to pay qualified medical expenses not covered by their health plan, including co-pays, deductibles and a variety of medical products and services ranging from dental and vision care to eyeglasses and hearing aids. 

Under the use or lose provision, participating employees often must incur eligible expenses by the end of the plan year, or forfeit any unspent amounts. But under a special IRS rule we have chosen a grace period option whereby an employee has until 2 ½ months after the end of the plan year to incur eligible expenses and get reimbursed.

Educational Resources for participants are located at:

FSA Home: www.amben.com/FSA

Enrollment Kit - Sign Up for a Pay Raise

Save Money Flyer - I Could've Had an FSA

Vision Flyer - Improve Your Focus

Dental Flyer - Brace Yourself

If you already have an ABG Benefits Card please keep it, your new balances will be loaded onto your card for the new plan year. 

If this is your first time enrolling in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), please look for your ABG Benefits Card in the US postal mail. 

ABG'S WealthCare Mobile - check balances, recent transactions, submit claims and more from your mobile device. Learn more
11/17/2015 - Legal Resources 2016
Legal Resources Legal Plan provides 100% coverage for you, your spouse, and qualifying dependents for a broad range of legal services. If you haven’t taken a look at this benefit in the past, click here to find out more information about the plan.
11/16/2015 - Unum Voluntary Term Life and AD&D Insurance

Annual Re-enrollment for the UNUM Voluntary Term Life Benefit and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plans will begin on 11/23/2015 and end on 12/31/2015. 

Did you know that 68 million Americans have no life insurance, and those with coverage have far less than most experts recommend in order to ensure a secure financial future for their families?
Re-enrollment is an opportunity for you who already have coverage to evaluate what you currently have and make changes, as appropriate, to meet your personal needs. 

During the re-enrollment process there are some important things to remember:
Currently enrolled employees: If no changes are requested – no actions are needed, all prior elections will remain in effect. If you have “aged” out of an age band you will see an increase in your coverage cost. Those affected by a rate change will be notified.
Newly hired employees: You will need to complete an enrollment form and Evidence of Insurability form for you and your dependents. 

Should you decide to make changes to your existing coverage a new enrollment form must be completed to reflect the new coverage(s). It is important that the enrollment form also include any coverage that remains the same since this enrollment form will replace any prior forms. 

Depending on the coverage amount that is selected, you may need to provide health and medical information to UNUM to be approved for coverage (Evidence of Insurability). 

Please click here for the Plan description form, enrollment form, the Evidence of Insurability form (EOI), Beneficiary form, and coverage highlights.


Military retirees and qualified National Guard and Reserve Members are eligible to participate in the TRICARE Supplement Insurance plan. 

See attached poster for the many features offered by this plan. 

TRICARE Supplement Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is TRICARE and TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS)? 

TRICARE Supplement form

For more information please visit TRICARE website - Http://www.tricare.mil/

11/6/2015 - Wells Fargo - We're enhancing the Plan Sponsor Website
One of the primary ways we engage with you is through the Wells Fargo Plan Sponsor Website - a tool you use to manage your plan, your participants, and your communications to and from Wells Fargo. Feedback we've received from you indicates that the number one concern in regard to the Plan Sponsor Website is the number of "clicks" required to get to key information and an interface that is difficult to use.

Based on this feedback, we are enhancing our Plan Sponsor Website by making it easier to access the information you need, and developing a more user-friendly, intuitive interface. By providing you with a more robust experience that requires less clicking and searching, you can focus more on your retirement plan and your participant interactions.

The first release of enhancements - occurring the weekend of November 7, 2015 - contains a re-designed homepage. The overall look and feel of the page has also been refreshed, and is reflective of the Wells Fargo brand.

The refreshed homepage sets the tone for future updates, and over time, new functionality, tools and services will be introduced to enhance your overall experience, help you measure results, and guide you as you make retirement plan decisions.

Eventually, key information and reporting will appear in a central location, making it easier to find exactly what you need.

Future updates* will include:
• Interactive plan reporting to allow you to look at your plan data in ways that are meaningful to you
• Customized reporting utilizing vivid colors and graphics
• Modeling capabilities to determine how plan design alternatives drive plan health
• Personalized, secure messaging between you and Wells Fargo
• Enhanced alerts and notifications
• Access to all your plans in one place
To provide you with the best possible experience, the Website evolution will occur over time to ensure all enhancements are thoroughly validated and tested.

Please click here for a preview of the new landing page.

10/19/2015 - 2015 Employee Performance Evaluations
The annual employee performance evaluations for 2015 will begin October 19, 2015 through December 16, 2015.  This year we are using an alternate process for performance evaluations.  For details, please refer to emails sent out October 13 and October 14.

If you have questions, please contact HR.
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