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7/22/2016 - UnitedHealthcare
In an ongoing effort to assist you in getting acquainted with UnitedHealtcare, see the attached Welcome Brochure with detailed information to help you understand how the plans work.
To help in locating in-network providers click on the How to find a physician link.

7/15/2016 - Do it Well Third Quarter Wellness Newsletter
7/14/2016 - UHC Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) and Summary Plan Description (SPD)
For those of you enrolled in one of the health plans offered by ZelTech, the Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) is your “key” to understanding how you and the plan share the cost of covered health services. The Summary Plan Description (SPD) provides you with plan highlights, network benefits, and information on most commonly used benefits. Getting acquainted with these documents will assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to using the benefits and in selecting the best plan for you and your family. 

Click on the links below for the plan that you are enrolled in for detailed information about the SBC and the SPD 

QPU Plan with Health Savings Account (H S A) SBC
QY9 Plan SBC
QY9 Plan SPD
Hawaii PPO Plan SBC
Hawaii PPO Plan SPD
Outpatient Prescription Drug

7/11/2016 - Coming soon: New NetBenefits home page

The new NetBenefits home page helps you to plan that journey to financial wellness. The NetBenefits Enhancements brings that journey to life using simple and interactive illustrations. The new financial journey workspace includes: 

• Milestone view: Dynamic visualization of progress against your next age-based goals
• Income view: Alternate view showing estimated retirement income
• Ability to do quick modeling to see how changes might impact your results 

Top 3 Places to Get Help on NetBenefits® 

Want help managing your unique financial situation? Visit these destinations on NetBenefits.com today…
1. Get started on your NEW NetBenefits home page. See where you are today and visualize steps to help you reach your next retirement milestone.

2. Create and manage your plan for retirement, and set other important financial goals in the Planning & Guidance Center.

3. Visit the Library and browse articles, videos, and infographics to help you make the most informed financial decisions.

Get all the benefit of NetBenefits. Log in today!

Take a look at the Next NetBenefits video

7/6/2016 - Personal Information Updates
This is just a reminder to send all personal information updates through the Human Resources office....this will include address changes, marital status, telephone numbers, etc.
7/1/2016 - United HealthCare Advocate4me
Advocate4Me Click and Chat Coming Soon: On August 5th, Click to Chat will be available on myuhc.com to members. A link will appear on myuhc.com when members log in on/after August 5th. The member will be able to select from topics, such as, claim, appeal, benefit, pharmacy, technical or other. Once they select a topic, the member will be prompted to submit a question to a Chat Advocate
7/1/2016 - United HealthCare Preventive Care Screening Changes
UnitedHealthcare's Preventive Care Services Coverage Determination Guideline (CDG), which helps doctors identify and correctly code preventive services they deliver to subscribers, will be making a few updates this year. The CDG defines the services, diagnoses, and other requirements to ensure that certain services are paid with preventive benefits and covered without cost-share under most plans. 

The CDG is updated when new guidance is received about services that must be covered as preventive services and whenever the applicable codes are revised. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is one of the primary references driving changes to the CDG. Click here to view some of the changes that will be made in the upcoming months.

6/28/2016 - Fidelity -Market Volatility
Six strategies to help you cope during fluctuating markets

Fidelity's Live Interactive Web Workshops for July, August and September
6/24/2016 - Fidelity - What a Brexit May Mean
6/24/2016 - July Wellness Online
6/24/2016 - UHC July Health and Wellness News
July is Summer Awareness Month. Check out UHC’s monthly newsletter to learn about how sunburns don’t just cause pain and redness they can also have immediate dangers and long-term effects.
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